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I'm Sandra, creator of the brand and the product.

For more than 20 years I dedicate myself to the pattern and confection, to teach and to make garments and especially spectacle costumes.

When I had my daughter, I started to make clothes and recycle my clothes to create others for her. At 2 years old, I wanted to make him a doll with which he could play and undress. It was an article that I did not know, in fact I had no idea, but as I love the challenges I decided to put "hands to work ". When I created the first and my little girl saw her, she no longer released her. From there, I started to do them professionally at the same time that I have evolved in the dolls. So I decided to put his name, Beth, my inspiration..

Beth is the main doll of the brand, has green eyes and is dressed in four different ways according to the season of the year.

In this page you will find children's clothing of natural fibers such as cotton and linen some hand-painted with which you will be able to choose your own personalized dress through different colors to choose.

Also dolls fabric animation characters, movies, drawings or video games, miniature dolls to decorate or play, as they can undress and here you will find an assortment of dresses for them and you can also have your own personalized doll Explaining to me what your idea is through email or phone.

All this is entirely handmade, so all of them are on request and are not in stock.

A personalized page where you are the one who chooses your own model!

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